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Jul 17, 2014

Saracens Coaches Spreading the Word

Senior Saracens coaches have been travelling around the world in recent months, providing expertise to new Saracens clubs around the world.

The Saracens global network includes seven leading rugby clubs in developing rugby countries, located in Moscow, Sao Paulo, Abu Dhabi, Seattle, Tonga, Kuala Lumpur and Nairobi , and an important element of these partnerships is the input of coaches travelling from London, explaining The Saracens Way in person.

Alex Bate, manager of the global network, explains: “There have been ten coaching visits in the first year of the network, and the feedback has been excellent. There is such an appetite for the game among our partners, and our coaches have risen to the challenge. These our exciting times for rugby union in general and for Saracens as the first truly global club.”

Paul Gustard spent a week with Sao Paulo Saracens in June, while Abu Dhabi Saracens have received visits from Dan Vickers, Richard Gregg and James Tirrell. Impala Saracens, Nairobi, are enjoying a successful season, in part due to the input of Owain Davies in December followed by Brendan Venter in February.

Rory Teague travelled to Kuala Lumpur Saracens in June, and each of Don Barrell, Scott Murphy and Dan Nisbet have made the trip to Toa Saracens in Tonga.

In addition, the Moscow Saracens under-17 squad spent two weeks in March, training with Saracens coaches in March.


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