Saracens - Saracens host DPP event

Apr 16, 2015

Saracens host DPP event

The Saracens Developing Player Programme is run is each of the Saracens affiliated counties- Essex, Hertfordshire and Kent.

The tournament saw over 250 players from each of the counties come and show the results of the hard work they have been putting in all season through the DPP. The players come from the schools and clubs of the three counties and have been selected into the DPP through each county.

The tournament was a 12 a side format, allowing players plenty of space to show their skills as the sun shone in St Albans. The players will keep working in their respective counties supported by the Saracens Academy coaches until the end of the season.

Academy manager Don Barrell said "The tournament was a fantastic display of the hard work that has been putting through each county program so far. We would like to thank the DPP coaches of each county for their time and efforts and also the parents for bringing the players to the sessions each month and up to enjoy the sun of St Albans today.

"The DPP programme is designed to allow young players the chance to learn new skills and express themselves. The DPP is the first part of the academy ladder. We have several players in the senior Academy at the moment who have come through these programs and it was great to see the likes of Nick Tompkins, Nathan Earle, and George Perkins down today to watch the programs they all started in.

"The DPP is an extremely important part of our pathway and we always get excited to work with these young players. The skills they pick up and learn at this age are important foundations for a young player. Tournaments like this give them a chance to have fun, enjoy rugby and explore their abilities in a competitive environment."

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