Saracens - Saracens press IRB for resolution in Romania

Oct 22, 2014

Saracens press IRB for resolution in Romania

Saracens have asked the IRB to resolve the recent rumpus in Romanian rugby.

Nothing can be swept under the carpet,” said Edward Griffiths, Saracens CEO. “As partners of RCM Timisoara Saracens, we believe the integrity of rugby in Romania is at stake. World Rugby needs answers. How can a top club like Timisoara turn up to play in the League semi-final and, just 30 minutes before kick-off, be told by the referee that six of their best players cannot take the field because pages have inexplicably been ripped out of their documents?

“Almost six weeks have passed, and we are still waiting for the Police report and the results of the investigation by the Federation of Romanian Rugby. The IRB have assured us they are taking very active interest in this matter to ensure compliance with all relevant regulations.

“We have not moved on.”


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