Saracens - Saracens Shuttle - Leicester

Apr 10, 2015

Saracens Shuttle - Leicester

The Saracens Shuttle will be running on Saturday, for Saracens vs Leicester Tigers at Allianz Park, kick-off 15h15.

The Shuttle will be picking up fans from Edgware, Mill Hill Broadway and Mill Hill East stations.

Before kick-off:

FROM MILL HILL EAST 1244 then about every 6-8 minutes until 1523

FROM MILL HILL BROADWAY 1240 1248 then every 3-6 minutes until 1508

FROM EDGWARE 1240 then about every 6-8 minutes until 1500

After match:

TO MILL HILL EAST 1700 then about every 5 minutes until 1900

TO MILL HILL BROADWAY 1700 then about every 3-5 minutes until 1900

TO EDGWARE 1706 then about every 5-8 minutes until 1900

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