Saracens - Saracens Shuttle update for Sunday

Nov 01, 2013

Saracens Shuttle update for Sunday

The Saracens Shuttle will once again be ferrying Fez heads to and from Allianz Park this Sunday. Check the schedule below for the Shuttle times.

But don't forget, to hang around after the final whistle for a firework display and bonfire.

Before the match;

FROM MILL HILL EAST 1225 1236 then every 5-8 minutes until 1453

FROM MILL HILL BROADWAY 1220 1227 then every 3-7 minutes until 1453

FROM EDGWARE 1225 1232 then every 5-10 minutes until 1445

After match;

TO MILL HILL EAST 1656 then every 5-7 minutes until 1835 1845

TO MILL HILL BROADWAY 1655 then every 2-6 minutes until 1845

TO EDGWARE 1657 then every 4-9 minutes until 1845


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