Saracens - Saracens to host concussion seminar

Jan 28, 2014

Saracens to host concussion seminar

Saracens will be running a concussion seminar on Wednesday night, at Folkston RFC.

Saracens Academy Physiotherapist Jennifer Crooke will be leading the session at Folkston RFC, which is designed to educated coaches of all levels and age groups about dealing with concussion effectively.

Saracens physiotherapist Jennifer Crooke; “We found that with the current concussion guidelines that amongst the academy coaches and community coaches that there was some confusion about what they should be doing - especially considering what they do in elite is very different to what they do at community.

"We just found that we needed to get the information out there. We thought the seminar would be a good way of doing it.

“We’ve had quite a few coaches come back to us and say what they were doing was necessarily wrong but they didn’t realise how much the rules and the processes had perhaps changed over the past couple of years.”

This is the third session of its kind Saracens have ran, with the first at Allianz Park in December 2013 a huge success.

“I think there has to be so much more education amongst community coaches and lower level coaches" added Crooke.

"At the professional level, everyone knows what should happen and what does happen and that’s a really good thing but I think there needs to be more information down the bottom, I think the trouble with the media is that they focus what goes on in the elite setting and the practices are different for junior rugby and especially in grass roots.”

For anyone wanting to attend, the session begins at 19h00 and will last for around two hours. To register your interest in attending email


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