Saracens - Saracens to promote rugby in Bermuda

Mar 27, 2013

Saracens to promote rugby in Bermuda

Saracens will tour Bermuda in May, promoting rugby in the paradise island.

The squad will engage with the community through a series of school visits, coaching workshops and fund-raising activities, and will play a match against a Bermuda International Select XV on the evening of Friday 31 May.

It is envisaged the visit will generate in excess of $50,000 for the Beyond Rugby charity and the youth section of Bermuda Rugby Football Union.

The initiative has been driven by Gareth Nokes and David Tucker, and Nokes said: "Rugby is a game steeped in tradition. Its players and supporters feel a profound sense of community. These values and traditions develop from the first time a young player shakes hands with an opposite number, leading to a life-long passion for the game at all levels, on and off the field.  Bringing the Saracens players, many of whom have played at the highest level for many years, is exciting for Bermuda because we hope the workshops and seminars will inspire our youth to embrace the core values of the game. We recognise the generosity of the local and international business community, who have committed funding to make this tour a reality.”

Patrick Carlow, BRFU Youth Development officer and coordinator of the Beyond Rugby programme, said: “We are thrilled that Saracens will participate in the Beyond Rugby programme.  Bermuda’s ability to attract a team of this calibre will motivate the kids who may be experiencing rugby for the first time.

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