Saracens - Saracens to screen Sharks game

Feb 12, 2014

Saracens to screen Sharks game

Sale Away, Sale Away, Sale, not to be confused with the calming lyrics of Enya's chill-out classic, but the lament of many a Saracens fan when they saw that a trip up to Salford coincided with Valentine's day.

For those who may not think a trip up to the town that inspired many a Lowry canvas is your idea of treating your other half on Valentine's Day, then fear thee not, we may have the perfect solution.

We here at Saracens will be hosting a romantic evening in the Fez club with a menu that will spice up any evening, with an Indian menu available that include such sultry treats as tanphwooooorri chicken, mutton not dressed as lamb balti and everyone's favourite; lime pickle (all for just £8.00 per head.)

So, follow Cupid's arrow to Allianz Park to watch Saracens face a rejuvenated Sharks side here in NW4, doors open at 19h00 and parking is free.


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