Saracens - Sarrie the Camel – ‘Let’s move forward’

Sep 07, 2014

Sarrie the Camel – ‘Let’s move forward’

Sarrie the Camel is looking forward to the new season, following his Mascot Duel victory over Wolfgang, the wolf, at Twickenham.

Sarrie said: “I’ve been the club mascot for as long as anybody can remember, and I’m still the club mascot – there’s a bit of life in the old camel yet! Last week was difficult for everybody associated with the club, but I am grateful for all the support from my friends and family, and I’m just pleased it’s all settled.

Asked to outline his remaining ambitions in the game, Sarrie replied: “I’ve tried to get on the field at Franklin’s Gardens a couple of times, but the Northampton stewards have been too strong. Maybe that’s one for the future. Otherwise, as a club, we must keep moving forward together… as they say, the strength of the wolf is the pack and the strength of the pack is the wolf.”

Wolfgang, the wolf, was admitted to a veterinary hospital in north London last night, but his condition is unknown.



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