Saracens - Sarrie the Camel – ‘Wolfgang must go!’

Sep 04, 2014

Sarrie the Camel – ‘Wolfgang must go!’

Sarrie the Camel, club mascot for the past 16 seasons, has launched a scathing attack on furry friend, Wolfgang the wolf.

Sarrie said; “As every supporter knows, I’m a friendly guy – I’ve always got a smile on my face - but I’ve really had enough. This club is not big enough for both us!

“One much loved mascot is sufficient for almost every professional sports club, and I just don’t understand why we need this wolf hanging around.

“I know that humility is one of the club’s core values but, to be honest, nobody loves him and everyone loves me. I have met with senior club officials today and told them how I feel. This is not a ‘him-or-me’ ultimatum, but it’s close enough. I’m fuming. Wolfgang must go”.

Club officials declined to comment.

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