Saracens - Sarrie – ‘Wolfgang is getting better’

Sep 14, 2014

Sarrie – ‘Wolfgang is getting better’

Sarrie the Camel has paid a surprise visit to Wolfgang, the wolf, and emerged from the hospital with good news.

The official club mascot announced: “Wolfie is getting better. He’s been moved to a specialist medical facility at Allianz Park, and he’s definitely on the mend. He wasn’t looking good after the Mascot Duel at Twickenham last week, and his condition did deteriorate in midweek. But I took him a plant and he’s looking much better now.”

Wolfgang will continue to be monitored closely, and doctors have yet to decide whether he will be allowed to watch a re-run of Saracens' win against Harlequins on TV.

Watch exclusive footage of Sarrie’s visit here.


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