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Jun 14, 2015

Sophie Fuzi - Saracens Sport Foundation

The Saracens Sport Foundation never wavers in its attempt to encourage new members and enthusiasts to support their hard-working charity. So, it’s no surprise that an extremely special individual is their latest recruit.

Sophie has just joined the Saracens Foundation team by running in her first ever half marathon this July to raise money to support the charity.

Sophie’s life revolves around helping others, “the world needs to remember how important human relationships are”. Aside from Sophie’s love of sport and running, since 2009 she has become a self-employed professional massage therapist, specializing in relaxing massages, (Swedish and deep tissue). She has just completed a Baby Massage Instructor course and is awaiting the results from her exam. Sophie’s love of this job inspired her to want to make a change. “I always knew that there was magic in touch, that worlds can open up and trust can get stronger because of it”. What makes Sophie’s approach to massage special is her use of this therapy to balance the mental state of her clients alongside their physical well-being.

Sophie has already been a real inspiration to the Foundation and we cannot wait for that relationship to blossom further. “People are the main focus in my life. I have gathered some knowledge about psychology and our need for growth, if I can help others to walk their own path, that would be one of the greatest feelings – that is why I feel a huge attraction to support your charity”.

We are really humbled that Sophie took such an interest in our Foundation and she was genuinely impressed with the work we have done thus far. She revealed her trip to Allianz Park created huge momentum in her quest to support our charity. “I really enjoyed the afternoon there with the kids and the organizers who lead the games there. There was so much joy in the room! I also took my time looking around the place and it really got under my skin. All those photos with Nelson Mandela, the Olympic torch collection, they all together expressed wisdom, peace, humanity and self-growth to me in such a heart warming place that I really felt at home. Something crawled into me so much that day that I have been dreaming about going back ever since and joining that energy somehow to support them as much as I can”.

This will be Sophie’s first ever charity fundraising event and we have a feeling her enthusiasm and positivity will be a real asset to the foundation. “I believe sport fundraising is one of the most powerful tools for community building. Also, through sport, so much self-knowledge can be learnt, we can all improve ourselves”.

Ultimately it really does come down to the fundraisers to ensure that the Saracens Sport Foundation can continue to thrive and do the great work we are so committed to doing. We’re so appreciative to meet people like Sophie and welcome them to our ever-growing team at Saracens!

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