Saracens - Sport Foundation Patrons visit Allianz Park

Jul 25, 2013

Sport Foundation Patrons visit Allianz Park

Saracens Sports Foundation puts its Patrons through their paces at Allianz Park.

On Saturday 20th July, the Saracens Sports Foundation welcomed over sixty of its valued supporters to Allianz Park for the annual Patrons Reception. But if they were expecting to just sit and watch a presentation, they soon discovered that the Foundation staff had other ideas! In typical Foundation style, the Patrons found themselves participating in events ranging from tag power ball, curling and a penalty shoot out, to rather less orthodox activities, such as learning a short cheerleading routine (complete with high kicks, hand jives and moonwalking!) dressing up as a Saracen – at speed – or completing a very ‘alternative’ obstacle course. The winning team were presented with signed rugby balls by Player/Trustee Jamie George, whose own attempts at some of the events resulted in rather mixed fortunes!

Patrons were treated to a display by the elite squad of Saracens ‘School of Cheer’, culminating in tricks that had their audience gasping and applauding simultaneously.

Stadium Director, Gordon Banks then unveiled a new wall display in the main bar of the East stand, publicly thanking many of them for their generosity and support.

There was of course a very serious message at the heart of the event, delivered very eloquently by individuals whose lives have been touched by two of the many varied programmes run by the Foundation during the past year. First Teresa Williams explained how she had become so involved with Saracens ‘Love to Dance’ programme over the last two years, that she now attends sessions both in Welwyn and Welwyn Garden City, benefiting not only from improved fitness, but by making many new friends with people who ‘all liked having fun!’

Then Giselle Akalin, whose son Kubi is severely Autistic, moved many of those present to tears, when she related emotively how ‘Sarries Skills Club’ held on Mondays at the Stadium, had given her new hope and much needed help, when too many others had found reason to exclude them. As she said, simply, ‘I can’t begin to express my pure joy at finally meeting people…Saracens…who get it. Saracens really “get it”. They realised that all teenagers and young adults are fully entitled to play, engage in sport, socialise and learn. Saracens get what so many so called experts don’t.”

For more information about the work of the Saracens Sport Foundation or to join our Patron Scheme please contact Bethany Kinsella 0203 6757245

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