Saracens - Staff and Fans raise thousands in the London Marathon

Apr 22, 2013

Staff and Fans raise thousands in the London Marathon

Several Saracens staff  and fans hobbled into the Allianz Park offices this morning having raised more than £16,000 for the Saracens Sports Foundation in yesterday’s London Marathon.

Saracens Stadium Director Gordon Banks was one of 12 runners in this year’s event that included CEO Edward Griffiths, Head of Finance John Hall, Julie Morrow (wife of Saracens Head of Conditioning, Phil), Colleen Farrell (Mother of Owen), Assistant Performance Analyst Ben Smith, Simon Bradley, Richard Roberts-Jones, David Griffiths, James Garraway, Monica Liljeroth and Karl Gibbs who all completed the race to raise the magnificent sum…which is still getting bigger.

Banks said: “It was a really enjoyable experience, but a very tough one and I’m certainly feeling the effects of it today.

“If I was to describe the whole experience it would be brutal.  I really enjoyed the first 18 miles but the last few miles my legs were telling me that maybe I hadn’t done enough training.  It was painful!”

The runners were putting themselves through 26.2 miles of pain and mental torment in aid of raising funds for the Saracens Sports Foundation.   The foundation aims to change young people's lives through the power of sport. Using the Saracens Rugby Club ethos and principles, they bring structure and challenge to the lives of young people in some of the most impoverished parts of London and the Home Counties. 

“To have the opportunity to raise funds for an amazing cause, in an event such as the London Marathon is fantastic; and we are very lucky to have the chance to do so” said Banks, who completed the marathon in 4hrs 29mins.

He added: “The money raised can hopefully help disabled people participate in sport and through the Saracens Sports Foundation, the money we raised can be put to good use.

“If a few hours of pain and suffering on my part can help engage kids in sport, then it has been well worth it.”

The runners and their times;

Simon Bradley: 3:44, Colleen Farrell: 3:53. Richard Robert Jones: 4:00, Julie Morrow: 4:04, Ben Smith 4:28, Gordon Banks: 4:29, Monica Liljeroth: 4:31, James Garraway: 4:32, Jon Hall: 4:59, Karl Gibbs: 5:52, Edward Griffiths: 6:36, David Griffiths: 6:36

Fundraising total to date: £16,638.71 and climbing!

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