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Saracens Supporters Forum

The Saracens Supporters Forum was launched in the 2018/19 season, with the first meeting being held in December 2018.

The Forum provides an opportunity for Saracens supporters to engage directly with senior management representatives of the Club on a regular basis. The Forum will actively encourage open dialogue, consultation and collaboration between the Club and supporters, and aims to generate a healthy discussion as well as addressing areas for improvement and new ideas to drive the Club forward.

What are the aims of the Supporters Forum?

To provide supporters with an organised forum to discuss matters directly with the Club

To help maintain a healthy dialogue between the Club and supporters

To give representatives the opportunity to introduce new ideas and/or raise issues on behalf of their fellow supporters

To allow the Club to better understand issues affecting supporters

To give the Club the platform to discuss future initiatives with supporters

To bring fans closer to the club and give them the opportunity to play a key part in moving us forward

The Supporters’ Forum does not exist to discuss on pitch performance, player welfare or transfer news.

The elected representatives and their contact details for 2018/19 are: 

East Stand Season Ticket Holders       Steve Cummins  

South Stand Season Ticket Holders    Dean Harris        

North Stand Season Ticket Holders    Brian Levin         

West Lower Season Ticket Holders    Jasmine Farrant 

West Upper Season Ticket Holders    Debbie Knight    

Hospitality Season Ticket Holders      Gavin Jones        

BAME Supporters                             Denis Collen       

Disabled Supporters                         Helen Ellis          

Local Supporters                               Steve Cracknell  

Over 65s Supporters                         Lesley Mayo       

U25s Supporters                               Emma Southam 

Partner Clubs                                   James Degiorgio 

Women’s Representative                   Katherine Engler 

SSA Representative                          Alun Morgan      

Sarries on Tour Representative          Luke Saint          

Past Minutes

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March 2019

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