Saracens - Team Saracens complete Round the Island Race

Jun 30, 2015

Team Saracens complete Round the Island Race

Team Saracens took the plunge this weekend in the J.P Morgan Asset Management Round the Island Race.

The race, organised by the Island Sailing Club, is a one-day yacht race around the Isle of Wight, regularly attracts over 1,700 boats and around 16,000 sailors, making it one of the largest yacht races in the world and the fourth largest participation sporting event in the UK after the London Marathon and the Great North and South Runs.

Team Saracens was formed in support of a Tulip Club client who sadly lost his wife last year. Over time, the idea spiralled and soon we were part of a group of eight yachts all raising money for Keech Hospice. We were the second biggest group of boats in the race (after JP Morgan and their flotilla of 50) and won the award for most charity fundraising at nearly £54k.

A total of 1584 boats entered the race, of which 1393 finished. Team Saracens got off to a great start and hit half way in exactly 3.5 hours, finishing the race in 7 hours 6 mins (corrected to 7hr 38m with handicap). This was top of our group of eight and 10th in class (IRC 1B) with an overall position of 194th.

Team Saracens was comprised of:

Hugh Vyvyan – Sales Director

Georgina Martin – Head of Hospitality

Gordon Banks – Stadium Director

Matt Collett – Head of Global Corporate Engagement at Middlesex University

Ben Cohen – Head barman, Tulip Club

Eva Herman – Head waitress, Tulip Club

Plus two brilliant guys from PPD, Robbie & Tom and skipper and mate, Tim & Sophie Dingwall.

Team Saracens would like to thank Mark Richardson for all his hard work and dedication throughout the planning process and Ali and her team at Sailing Logic, without whom none of this would not have been possible. A huge thank you must also go to those that have so kindly sponsored us for our efforts and there is still time to donate!

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