Saracens - The Sanlam ultimate office fitness guide

Jan 23, 2014

The Sanlam ultimate office fitness guide

Today, Sanlam Private Investments launched their ultimate fitness guide for the office worker.

Created by Saracens Rugby Club with sponsors, Sanlam Private Investments, the guide includes a mix of 15-minute and 30-minute exercise routines which can be done in the office, together with some weekend workouts.

The routines have been designed by senior strength and conditioning coach Andy Edwards.

He says: ‘We’ve tried to make it easy for even the most desk-bound person to do something. Obviously it would be good if people could find more time to exercise, but you can achieve a lot in a concentrated 15 minutes and if people commit to doing something each day we believe they will feel the difference.’

The Guide covers healthy eating too, with top tips and meal ideas from George Morgan, the Saracens' nutritionist, including different healthy quick breakfasts, plus ideas for snacks and packed lunches.

‘Missing meals appears to be a big problem for people, with 30 per cent in the research skipping breakfast. This is really the first nail in the coffin of a healthy diet’ he says.

‘If people have demanding jobs they all too often end up relying on sugary snacks to get them through the day.’

The guide is designed to kickstart office workers into making some small but significant changes in their lives. To download the guide click on the top left of the page.


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