Saracens - Ticket T&Cs

Terms & Conditions 

Age Qualifications

UNDER 24s (proof of age must be provided):

  • Babes in arms: aged under 2 years old on 1st June 2017
  • Under 24s: aged 2 - 23 years old on 1st June 2017

CONCESSIONS (proof of age must be provided):

  • Senior Citizen: aged 65 years old or over on 1st June 2017

Cancellation of Tickets

Cancellation of Season Tickets can be processed prior to the start of the season. Once the season has begun, all Season Tickets by any payment method are non-refundable.

Match tickets are strictly non-refundable. Tickets can be transferred to an alternative game, subject to availability, at the same price level on the understanding that the ticket is not used for the original game.

Direct Debit Payment Scheme 

You may become an annual member by paying for an annual membership at the price set out on our website in one full upfront payment.  Alternatively you can become a monthly member by paying monthly at the price set out on our website via direct debit.  Please note that if you choose to become a monthly member you are agreeing that you will continue to pay ticket and be a member for a minimum of twelve months.


Please be aware that the purchase of all memberships are subject to availability. If you are not already a member, you should try to purchase your memberships for the upcoming season prior to the end of the then current season.  However, depending on availability, we may still have memberships available for the upcoming season following the end of the current season.  If you agree to purchase a monthly membership for the upcoming season after the end of the current season, you shall be deemed to have been a member from the end of the current season and we may charge you an upfront payment in respect of your membership to cover the monthly payments accrued from the end of the current season.  


If you wish to purchase a membership for part of a season only, you will be obliged to pay for such partial membership in one full upfront payment.  However, you will be able to pay monthly via direct debit in respect of the following season if you decide to purchase a monthly membership for the following season prior to the end of the current season.


If you are already a member, we will contact you before the end of each season to ask if you wish or do not wish to continue your membership for another twelve months.  If you decide that you would no longer like to be a member, you must notify us prior to the end of the current season that you wish to cancel your membership and on such notification you will no longer be a member and we will cease activating your direct debit to the extent you have one in place with us.

  1. Direct debit payments are spread evenly over twelve months.  First payment will be taken in April and the final payment in March. In the event of joining the direct debit scheme after April one ‘catch up payment’ will be taken and then equal monthly payments through to March.
  2. In February members will be notified of their new direct debit payment amounts for the forthcoming season. Any members wishing to cancel their seats need to contact the club by March otherwise the new monthly payments will commence in April and members will have signed up for the new season at the new fees.
  3. To use the facility you must be 18 years old or over and hold a bank or building society current account which can support a Direct Debit. Parents or guardians may make an application for a membership to be used by a person aged under 18.
  4. If the membership holder:
    1. Fails to comply with any of the terms of this agreement; or
    2. Fails to pay Saracens Limited a monthly payment on or within 14 days of the due date for payment; or
    3. Fails to maintain a Direct Debit Mandate then and in such event the membership holder agrees to allow the club to debit a credit / debit card as provided by the seasonal member on the Seasonal Membership Application Form at the time of purchase. Should this transaction be blocked then the membership holder agrees that the membership card will be de-activated and the membership holder will return without demand the membership card(s) to the Club forthwith. The Club reserves the right to take whatever legal actions are necessary to affect the return of any membership card(s) not returned as agreed.
  5. The membership holder will not without prior consent of the Club be entitled to use the membership card in the event of a default as described in clause 2 above.
  6. If following an event of a default as described in clause 2 the membership holder wishes to continue for the remainder of the current season, the membership holder shall pay forthwith to the Club the total of the remaining monthly payments which are unpaid.
  7. Following a default as described in clause 2 above, all instalment facilities will be withdrawn from the membership holder indefinitely.
  8. This agreement is personal to the membership holder and is not assignable by the membership holder.
  9. The club reserve the right to refuse members entry in to the direct debit scheme.

Rewards4Rugby Loyalty Scheme

If you are a current member of Rewards4Rugby ( and a current Saracens Season Ticket Holder, you will collect 10 Rewards4Rugby points per £1 spent, every time you purchase selected products from the Saracens website, over the phone or at the Saracens Super Store.

Alternatively, if you wish to become a member and start collecting valuable Rewards4Rugby points, full details of our fantastic rewards programme are available at you wish to collect Rewards4Rugby points from your Saracens purchases (and you are a current Season Ticket Holder) please contact Rewards4Rugby on, so that we can link your accounts and you can start collecting points.

These valuable Rewards4Rugby points will then be converted into cash to be spent with Saracens (via the Saracens website or Saracens Super Store), saving you money on your next purchase at Allianz Park.

Full details of our fantastic rewards programme are available at   Should a customer wish to opt out of the Rewards4Rugby programme, they may do so at any time by emailing

Rewards4Rugby is governed by its own terms and conditions which are available by visiting