Saracens - Timisoara partnership can be a 'great success'

May 06, 2014

Timisoara partnership can be a 'great success'

Fresh from their win over CS Unversity Cluj at the weekend, Timisoara owner Dan Dinu has spoken of the clubs excitement over their recent link up with Saracens, as the Romanian side become the latest club to join the Saracens Global Network.

“I believe this association is a success for Romanian sport. In a few years we will speak about a new era in world rugby, of which we, Timisoara Saracens, are a part. I hope this will be a huge step forward for Romanian sport," said the RCM Timisoara Saracens owner, Dan Dinu.

Director of the Saracens Global Network Alex Bate; "“Timisoara have won the Super Liga (Romanian Premiership) twice in a row in the last two years. We saw them as probably the most successful club and then it was very important to meet the people who were running that club, that they were going to invest, that they were energetic, that they had the ambition to grow the club into something bigger.

“We met the owner, Dan Dinu, and the vice-president, Dusan Filipas, and were very impressed with their energy and their vision for the club”. The partnership is up and running and although it has not been officially concluded its first effects will be tangible very soon," added Bate.

For more information about the Saracens Global Network click here.


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