Saracens - Wembley ticket information

Mar 19, 2014

Wembley ticket information

If you have yet to receive your tickets after Thursday March 20th post delivery, please see the following steps to ensure you can collect your tickets on the day

Saracens Customers include anyone in the following groups – Season Ticket Holders, Partner schools/clubs, Rock Choir, Dance at Wembley, Groupon or Wowcher.

- If you still have not received your tickets by Thursday’s post please email

- Within this email include full name, address and amount of tickets purchased

- You will receive an email back from supporter services once we confirm your tickets have been reprinted

- Please note, if your tickets arrive after you have requested for them to be reprinted, your tickets that come in the post cannot be used and you will need to collect your tickets at the West Ticket Office.

- We will then arrange for your tickets to be collected on the day of the match

- Ticket collection shall be located at the West Ticket Office, with the windows labeled Saracens Collections.

- Ticket collection open at 11:00



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