Saracens - Wolfgang feels the heat in London 10k

Jul 17, 2013

Wolfgang feels the heat in London 10k

Wolfgang the Wolf braved the scorching London temperatures last Sunday as the Saracens custodian took to the streets of the capital to complete the 2013 London 10k.

The mercury hit 30 degrees Celsius on Sunday afternoon, but undeterred by the heat Wolfgang completed the course in an impressive 1hour 58 minutes raising money for the Saracens Sport Foundation in the process.

Andrew Zographos who is a close associate of Wolfgang, revealed that the wolf endured what he described as “tough” experience.

“After the race Wolfgang was understandably out on his paws. He found it tough” explained Zographos. “After he stopped howling about the ridiculously hot weather he said he felt a bit groggy, and likened the experience to going out on a team bonding trip with a ballroom dancer in a pub”.

Wolfgang says he’s been on the receiving end of some jibes from fellow fans favourite ‘Sarrie the Camel’ for his hydration faux-pas” said Zographos referring to when Wolfgang collapsed halfway through the course due to the high temperatures.

He added; “Sarries been onto him, highlighting Wolfgang’s inability to store water adequately enough in the heat; I think it’s fair to say that Wolfgang took the hump with him. But they have patched up their differences over a bottle of Blue Nun in Sarries Hendon Bedsit, so I’m guessing they’ve buried the hatchet”.


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