Saracens - Wolfgang: ‘Sarrie has had his day’

Sep 04, 2014

Wolfgang: ‘Sarrie has had his day’

Wolfgang, the wolf, has hit back at Sarrie the Camel as the Saracens mascot war escalated this morning.

Wolfgang said: “I don’t want to sound harsh but Sarrie is history. That’s the fact. The big fella was fine prancing around in the years when Saracens were amiable mid-table underachievers, but the club has changed since 2009. We’re now consistently ranked among the top teams in Europe, on and off the field. We have a new culture, a new stadium, a new self-belief… and we need a new mascot.

“Saracens are respected and feared. Let’s be honest. When did anyone ever respect and fear a camel? Useful in the desert? Sure. Relevant to rugby? No. The goofy camel has become an embarrassment. In contrast, the wolf is the symbol of the new Saracens. The forwards are known as the Wolfpack. The strength of the wolf is the pack and the strength of the pack is the wolf. I understand nobody ever likes change, and I didn’t create this conflict… but I’m going nowhere. I am the new spirit of the new Saracens. I am Wolfgang the Wolf, and I am the future.

“If Sarrie wants a fight, he can have one. It will be quick, ugly and there’s only going to be one winner.”



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