Saracens - World first - pizza delivered to your seat

Feb 15, 2013

World first - pizza delivered to your seat

You want a Domino’s pizza delivered to your seat at half time? At Allianz Park, it’s no problem.

Saracens have partnered with Domino’s to create a new and unique service at the new stadium in the heart of north London.

Every match day Domino’s will be selling pizza from their shop at the north end of the ground.

However,  spectators will also be able to order and pay for a 9” pizza before the match, and the pizza will then be delivered direct to their seat in the stands as soon as the whistle sounds at the end of the first half. The delivery service is offered to the first 50 customers on each match day.

Will it be cheese and tomato, veggie delight, pepperoni or Texas BBQ? Take your pick. In your hand or at your seat? You choose.

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